Why you shouldn’t leave many browser tabs opened

Do you browse heavily like I do?

Do you love to surf the web looking for things that are appealing to you?

Do you spend time on sites that serve as a source of income?

If your answers to those questions are yes, then my guess that ‘you have a lot of browsers opened right now’ must be right. People most times give complaints of their browser being slow or hanging all the time. In fact a lot of people keep uninstalling and reinstalling their browsers time and time again. As much as it is easy to place the blame on the programmers and deride the browser, more often than not, there are some things you are not doing right. So let’s get right into the reasons why you shouldn’t leave so many tabs opened.

  • Your Browser can Crash

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you use Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Operamini; the more you keep opening tabs on your phone or system browser, the slower the browser performs. After some time, the browser will eventually crash and the purpose of having so many tabs will be defeated. Since browsers depend heavily on your system RAM and CPU, opening so many tabs – especially without a strong hardware – only reduces your devices’ productivity. Checking it out, these numerous tabs are mostly unimportant; Like that sneakers site you opened about a month ago, the fast food site you never ordered from, or the link a friend sent you only for you to be disappointed after clicking on it.

  • There are Browser Extensions

If you want to load up about a 100 tables in one window, that’s quite possible with browser extensions. These extensions help you collapse your forest of tabs in an organized manner. You might want to try out vertical style tab extensions which are easier to read. Most of the tab extensions have built-in grouping and organizing features. OneTab, Session Buddy and TooManyTabs are examples of tab extensions that assist you to organize your numerous tabs. It’s available on Firefox and chrome. However without good hardware, these extensions are as good as useless. This is because browsers are quite demanding on the CPU and RAM of your system and without a good computer hardware to complement this, your system will definitely run slowly and frustrate you.

  • Slower Speed and more Mobile Data Consumption

Yes! You read that right. The more you leave dormant tabs unattended, the more mobile data it consumes and the slower the internet speed of your browser. Your browser will load web pages very fast if you open a single tab compared to when you have a lot of tabs opened. More data is also consumed because as a new tab is added to the list, others are getting updated or refreshed automatically.

  •  One Tab is all you see at a Time

One excuse we all are guilty of is telling ourselves we will refer to those tabs later. In the actual sense of it, you only get to see one tab at a time. The human mind isn’t like the computer; you can’t process a lot of information at the same time. Say you are a student working on a project or assignment, opening so many tabs most of the time only leaves you confused on where to start your note-taking. Research studies have shown that humans can’t really effectively multitask – our brains only rapidly hops from one task to another, shifting attention in the process.

  • There is a Better way out 

Another reason you shouldn’t keep too many tabs opined at once is that your history can serve as a channel to get back to older tabs you might later want to refer to. As long as you do not clear up your browsing history, you can still access your old and frequently visited web pages. You can trust your browser to track your history perfectly. Remembering a keyword even makes the whole process easier. By entering that keyword in the search box, you automatically locate the site you are looking for among your browsing history.

Today, minimalism and organization are viewed as essentials for everyday living. What you should be worried about is if you have a lot of tabs opened for efficiency or simply as a mere distraction. Also, consider your system specifications before considering opening numerous tabs. Browsing histories and Bookmarks makes it possible to preserve a tab for later use. Now that you know better, go ahead and close those dormant tabs today.


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