Shortcut Phone Codes you didn’t know about

These days, everyone walks about with their most important device – a smartphone. You probably do not know, but there are a lot of hacks and opportunities that you can access on your phone if you press the right combinations.

Several codes are available to phones. Some of them work with all phones while others work with specific phone models. This blog post expounds on eleven of such codes that will grant you access to the hidden functions on your phone.

Top 11 shortcut codes for both iOS and Android

Just as there are shortcuts on your laptop, there are on mobile devices. There are numerous codes out there, but in this brief guide, we’ll take a look at 11 of them.

  1. Hide number in outgoing calls– Pranking calls just got better. This feature works for both Android and iPhone users. It is a simple and very easy code to keep to memory. To hide your number on all outgoing calls, all you need to do is dial #31#phone number and your phone number will be hidden automatically anytime you make a call.
  2. Number Identification: {*#30#} This code is useful for turning your number identification on or off. So, if you want to go incognito and hide your identity for some time, this code will do that for you. It works the other way around as well. By pressing – *#30# – you can identify and see the number of the person who is calling you. This is however possible if he/she didn’t turn it off beforehand. Sadly, this only works on iOS enabled devices.
  3. Statistics and Secret Menu: The combo -*#*#4636#*#*- has quite a lot of functions depending on your device. As an android user, this code when imputed reveals your Wi-Fi signal, your battery and CPU usage statistics as well as other relevant information. You can also find out your battery health, temperature level and more.
  4. Instant Factory reset Setting– Are you tired of the way your phone looks, thinking of dashing it out to someone or do you just want a fresh start? You can have your phone returned instantly to its factory state. This code works for android phones only. After putting in the code – *#*#7780#*#* – your phone automatically removes all your Google account settings as well as your application data settings. Your phone automatically gets wiped clean. This code combination is however irrevocable, so don’t use it if you are not 100% certain.
  5. IMEI No:  {Dial – *#06#} by pressing this code on any phone (Android or iOS enabled) at all, a peculiar number is displayed. This number is known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. The IMEI is the unique code for your phone and can be useful in a lot of cases. For example, if you lose your device or if it gets stolen or misplaced, knowing your IMEI number can enable you to easily block your device from your service provider’s network. The police often use this number for the identification of  lost and found devices. So, put in this code on your phone and ensure to save your IMEI somewhere safe. You might be needing it anytime soon.
  6. Listen to Yourself: This is another enthralling feature available to most Android enabled devices. You get the opportunity to listen to the sound of your voice over phone calls. Press the *#*#8351#*#* on your phone and you will be able to listen to the recordings of your own voice over the last 20 phone calls. You can do this for fun sake or just to refresh something you might have forgotten.
  7. Service Centre Number: Using this code is an efficient way to get your service centre number instead of searching for it in other resources. iPhone users especially have the privilege to find out the number of their service centre when needed. By simply pressing the combination – *#5005*7672#, this information will be made available to you.
  8. Power Off- When you long press the power button, your phone displays some options that include the “power off” button. Android users are quite familiar with having to go through this all the time. By simply putting in the code -*#*7594#*#*- you will save time and get your phone switched off immediately.
  9. Better Communication– The combination *3370# is available for only iPhone users. It turns on the Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) coding to improve your connection. Punching in this code improves the quality of your communication with the internet. The disadvantage that comes with this code is that your battery life drains way faster. So, before you try out this code, be prepared for a power drain. To deactivate this function, press #3370#.
  10. Quick Service Menu- You can get to your quick service menu by pressing the combo *#0011#. This is for users of Samsung Galaxy phones. With this, you can access your service menu and view all the information you may need.
  11. No Outgoing Calls: Sometimes it’s necessary to prevent yourself from making certain calls. There is a code for such instances. The main aim of this code is to restrict any outgoing calls. By the way, this combination works only on iPhones. The combo -*33*#- prevents you from being disturbed by outgoing calls. Be reminded that you can turn off this feature by simply pressing *33*pin#.

Actually, there are a whole bunch of other combinations that can grant you access to other amazing features on your device; a lot more than 11 in fact. Short codes were created to ensure quicker access to hidden phone features and to improve user experience. Knowing how to use them gives you the leverage to optimally utilize your smartphone. So, what is stopping you from trying these codes out?


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