Upgrades are inevitable innovations in the tech world. Regular updates are how brand owners and manufacturers keep their customers spell bound and loyal to their brands. The Apple brand is no exception. Periodically, new features are added to improve the operating system of the iPhone. Humans generally love new trends and that’s what Apple Inc. is after – Giving you no other option than to use their products. The iOS 14 was much anticipated and is finally here. We give you in this post the features of this new operating system. We’ve got you covered. As always!


The OS upgrade is only peculiar to the following Apple devices. If you use any of these Apple products, you should give the upgrade a try.  

  • iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE (first, second generation)
  • iPod touch (seventh generation)

The iOS 14-Upgrade Features 


On the music app, the upgrade to iOS 14 comes with a new default tab – Listen Now. This includes modified sections like “Top Picks” and “Made for You”. The usual song recommendations based on your choice of songs are still available. Searching for songs is more convenient with the addition of a new top row. Now you can get to your albums and playlist even faster. The “Now Playing” screen comes with a colorful background that adapts to the colour of whatever album art you are listening to. Your music definitely comes alive.


The new update comes with an amusing chat experience. The iMessage was also updated with the addition of mentions, inline replies and individual or group conversation pin at the top of messages. Now, you can conveniently pin a maximum of nine conversations. Also, you can adjust your notifications for busy group chats. That way, you won’t get messages except when mentioned.

App Library and Widgets

Initially, widgets could be added to the ‘left-most’ “Today” panel. With the latest upgrade, widgets can be added across the screen however you please. The widgets are quite elegant and come in a variety of different sizes from small to medium and large. Each application now has a wide range of widgets. The widget stack feature allows you to stack multiple widgets on each other and swipe easily. 

The new App library keeps your phone’s home screen organized even when you don’t have the time to organise it yourself. Apple includes the ability to successfully remove an app from your home screen without deleting it. You also have the option of adding newly downloaded apps directly to the apps list instead of it appearing automatically on the home screen. You should try out reorganizing your phone. Flexibility describes this feature perfectly.

Picture-in-Picture & Compact Notifications

ios14 resolved the agitations of iPhone users who had issues with an incoming phone call disrupting a current task. The new update prevents Facetime or phone calls from entirely occupying the full screen. You no longer get disturbed when playing a game or going through your tweets. An incoming call appears on top as a compact notification. Swiping up dismisses the call and swiping down brings up the full call interface with the number pads. This compact feature is also applicable to Siri.

The picture-in-picture mode helps you multitask and perform other activities while you watch a video or when on Facetime. You can now watch videos and browse, check a mail or perform any supported task at the same time. What more, you can resize and move the PIP window to any comfortable corner of your phone.

Added Defaults

On previous versions, the option of selecting a default application for mailing or browsing wasn’t possible. However, with the new upgrade, default apps can now be set. Several productsbrands like Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, and others have upgraded their apps to be eligible for this feature. Upon changing the settings, your preferred app changes to default. This is however only applicable to mail apps and web browsers. 

App Clip

With App Clip, you have the option of using certain functions of an app without having to download it. If the new iOS feature is adopted by developers, you will be able to pay or order for food, rent a cab and perform other services without having to download the app. You can share App Clips though QR codes, iMessages or even launched from the website. They stay in your App Library till when needed.


The Maps update comes with added cycling directions to help guide cyclists along bike paths and bike lanes. It also gives the rider heads up information on elevation, how busy a street is, and steep inclines or steps on the way. Cycling directions are currently available in several Chinese cities, New-York and the San Francisco Bay Area. As promised by Apple more areas will be added soonest. Maps also feature electric vehicle routes. You also get charger station stops on the map. An additional feature is that you can use your iPhone’s camera to advance your location and orientation in Maps simply by pointing it at a nearby building.


Apple is resilient on fostering the security and privacy of iOS, giving customers greater control over the level of permission given to third party apps. iOS 14 comes with a feature that indicates when an app has access to your camera (green dot) or microphone (yellow dot) at the right hand top corner of your phone. You can also grant permissions to applications to access your location instead of the actual pinpoint accuracy. In addition, you have control over what pictures in your library any app can access. You can pick the exact images that you want an app to access.

There are actually more features on the update that were not explained here in detail. Such as the Apple’s new Translate app for iPhone, added improvements on the Home app, phone tap gestures, improved zooming ability and more. The AirPods Pro now has a spatial audio feature that replicates surrounding sounds. Audio outputs can now be tuned to your taste with the headphone accommodation setting.  

The iOS 14 seems to be better and dependable compared to iOS 13. I particularly love the touch of flexibility and improved privacy features. The update resolves the glitches, deficiencies and bugs that came with iOS 13 despite what seemed like a sudden rollout. We are hopeful that these updates are stable enough not to require frequent updates anytime soon. In the meantime, enjoy!


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