BlackPen NG Public Briefing: Maiden Edition of Literary Magazine Publication.

We are Live!

“If you want to hide anything from a Nigerian, keep it in a book.” That’s a statement we grew up to hear, proving just how much Nigerians don’t like to read. Of course, this does not hold true for everyone. But for most people, reading is so far-fetched. 

But something seems to be changing. Millennials are reading more. Many persons are taking ‘personal and professional development’ more seriously. And of course, we have more and more novel lovers. These are the good times for book lovers, publishers, and authors. 

For book lovers, there are more and more persons you can discuss your favorite characters with. You can brainstorm a better ending to the novel of a debut author. There are more persons to share your book collections with. There are more and more Nigerians on Bookstagram. Nigerian authors are selling more in Nigeria. These are really the good times, and it’s an indication of things to come. 

However, we as Nigerians can do better. We can have a better reading culture. We can have more and more persons in love with books, just like we have among the westerners. That was our goal when we started the ‘Millennials that Read’ Book Review Column on – helping to improve the reading culture of Millennials. 

Books are amazing! Readers say books take them to places they may never get to in person. And there are no lies in their words. It’s amazing how we get to fall in love with fictitious characters. It’s amazing how experts teach and inspire us through their non-fiction books on numerous topics, concepts, and findings. It’s beyond amazing how some writers delve into history and make us feel as though we existed in those times. Books are amazing. 

We love to talk about our books. We love to talk about the books we read and loved. We want others to read them. That’s the underlying philosophy of ‘Millennials that Read’ – having millennials in various fields share their personal review on books. 

Our contributors aren’t professional readers and book reviewers. They simply share a love for books and tell their stories just as it comes to them – in their own words. 

At BlackPen NG, we decided to take this a step further. We wanted to be a guide to readers and non-readers who are looking to pick up the next book but don’t know which. We want to give readers a compendium of reviews, right there on their devices to see what other ‘Black Pen certified’ reading millennials said about a particular title. 

This birthed the idea of ‘Book of Books.’ Book of Books is a magazine that primarily explores book reviews, amongst other topics and content all geared towards contributing towards the improvement of Africa’s reading culture. 

‘Book of Books’ is a Quarterly Magazine publication, copyright to BlackPen NG, with the Maiden edition scheduled to be out in few weeks. While we aim to deliver the best products, we need your review, recommendations, and criticism of the product, as it’s what will help us improve on the product. Every edition will surely be a result of reiteration on every aspect of the product, pushing the limits of production quality, as we refine our core tenets. 

We love books and everything associated, and we hope you join us on this ride of a lifetime. You can also kindly subscribe to the ‘Millennials that Read’ Newsletter. 

With the Book of Books, there is a book for everyone!

Thank You


Oludamola Oni

Managing Editor, BlackPen NG


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