You Can Do More Than You Think With a Smartphone

Your smartphone is one of the most powerful and productive tools ever invented. However, some people underutilize their smartphones. I once had a friend who owned quite an exquisite smartphone and all she basically did with it was take selfies, make phone calls, and visit social media platforms.

Your smartphone is a very powerful device if only yoy use it optimally. It has the ability to transform your lifestyle, improve your productivity and make you a better person in the long run. In this blog post, you will be better informed about other areas your phone can be more productive for you. You definitely should apply these tips.

  • Airplane mode isn’t just for airplanes

Airplane mode has other benefits that goes beyond the runway. For instance, switching on the airplane mode on your smartphone helps it to charge faster. Also, if you are having troubles with 3/4G signals on your phone, simply switch on the airplane mode and then switch it off to restore your signal. The airplane mode is also another quick save for sending a wrong text message. Quickly turn on the airplane mode when you make such a mistake. This prevents the text message from getting delivered.

  • Use the “Do-Not-Ditsturb” button

Do you need to be uninterrupted to get some work done? The “Do-Not-Disturb” button is available on Android and iOS devices and can help you block out unnecessary distractions.  Although many people use the DND at bedtime, it can also be used during daylight hours.

You can manually enable DND on an iPhone by swiping down the control panel and tapping the quarter moon icon. Similarly, on Android devices, simply swipe the notification bar and tap on the “Do-Not-Disturb” button.

  • Camera for more than Selfies

Asides taking pictures of your cute self, your phone camera can be used for other things. For example, instead of writing down a list for groceries, you can simply snap you refrigerator. You could take the picture of an address or an advertisement and save for later. You can also take pictures of the information you will need in future such as hotel address, car license plate, medical prescriptions or passport. What you can do with the camera is quite limitless.

  • Use a better keyboard

Do you find your default phone keyboard slow and clumsy to use? How about downloading a different one? Keyboard applications such as Swipe keyboard, Swift key, and a host of others, easily helps you swipe your way through the word, reducing the strain on your fingers and increasing your typing speed. Check out your device’s store for latest keyboards.

  • Make Smart lists

Having a smartphone saves you from having to forget important details. Colour Note, OneNote and Evernote are examples of great apps you can make notes with. They are available on both android and iOS devices. Your can make a shopping list even on the go.

Although smartphones and desktop computer exist in separate worlds, note apps like Microsoft OneNote and Evernote gives you the option of synchronizing whatever you write on your phone with your computer. Cool  right?

  • Monitor your competition

If you are an entrepreneur, then your smartphone is one tool you can use to build your business. With apps like Twitter and Facebook you can check how your competitors engage their customers, communicate their brands, or use social media influencers. This might inform the strategy you can use to stay on top of your business game.

  • Read Books on your Phone

The Amazon Kindle app, Anybooks app and many other e-library apps have volumes of books from which you can choose and develop yourself. Although some are subscription based or paid-apps, others are completely free of charge. So you have in your palms what it takes to travel the world from your couch.

  • Make your Home and Lock screens more useful

Your home screen basically tells how and on what apps you spend time on. Asides using beautiful wallpapers, you can add your frequently used apps to your home page. This stops you from constantly searching for an app.

Android devices allows you to add widgets on both your home screen and lock screen. Add widgets for easier access to reminders, notes, weather, news or appointments. You can add as many widgets as possible.

If you are an android user, you will agree that launchers that come with android devices are usually boring. Launchers do the trick by giving you the opportunity to customize your smartphone as you wish. You can change the size of your apps, install icon packs and do so much more. A lot of Launchers are available on Google Playstore. However, launchers are not supported on iOS devices.

  • Use a Password Manager

The series of online services today is simply mind-blowing. As much as we don’t love to miss out on these services, there is the problem of remembering passwords. To avoid easy compromise on your passwords by a third party, it is advisable not to use the same password across all websites. Save yourself the stress of resetting passwords any time you forget. With an application like Lastpass- a password manager, forgetting passwords becomes a thing of the past.

  • Remove Bloatwares

Bloatwares are simply apps that are preinstalled on your phone. Most of the time, they are not needed and consume a lot of space. Being the default apps nonetheless, they can be removed. This saves extra space on your phone’s memory. Go to ‘setting’ and tap on ‘all apps’, your applications get displayed. Click on those apps you rarely use and disable them. This is optional but highly recommended.

  • Save Documents in the Cloud

Save yourself the stress you will have to go through if your documents get accidentally destroyed, missing or stolen by saving them in the cloud. With smart scanning applications, you can upload your documents to the cloud. That way it is easier to access your documents anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are great apps you can try out.

Smartphones takes the place of a list of devices people initially had no option than to pay for. A smartphone can serve as a notepad, radio, remote control, calculator, camera, and so on. There are several other things you can do with your smartphone that isn’t even listed in this post. It takes carefully selected applications and creativity on you part to transform your smartphone into a powerful and productivity tool. Get to work!


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