August 2020 started well for movie lovers like me as Netflix, a popular US owned movie streaming platform announced a list of Nollywood movies and series that will be aired throughout the month.

Not forgetting that just last month, the streaming giant partnered with Mo Abudu, a producer and founder of Ebony Life TV, for the movie adaptation of books written by playwright, Wole Soyinka and novelist, Lola Shoneyin.

Soyinka’s ‘Death and the King’s Horseman’ and Shoneyin’s ‘The Secret Life of Baba Segi’s Wives’ are going to be premiered on Netflix when released. This goes to show that Netflix has developed a liking for Nigerian stories and content. We are expectant!

The official handle of the Nigerian Netflix Twitter account ‘@NetflixNaija’, tweeted Nigerians to “clear their calendars for Naija movies set to drop this august.”


1. August 2- Fix Us

Three young girls take a journey of fate and faith. Coincidentally meeting at a movie audition, they develop a unique bond on the premise of the passion they share to become movie stars. After these aspirations get actualized they soon discovered they wanted more out of life.

2. August 3- Ayamma

Dariama- a prince, falls deeply in love with a poor but beautiful maiden but this only happens in his dreams. In reality, he is ready to marry princess Ama- daughter to a neighbouring monarch. At a dance presentation to welcome Ama, the prince is shocked to see one of the dancing maidens is Ihuoma who hitherto existed in his dreams. Ama notices this threat and attempts to nip the bud.

3. August 5- Sin City

A very busy couple decides to take an impromptu trip in the bid to give their relationship a spark only to find their relationship tested in unexpected ways.

4. August 7- Diamonds in the Sky

Love and disappointment comes to play as three families struggle to overcome the health challenges that threaten their existing bond. This film was directed by kunlẹ Afolayan and features Nigerian veteran actors like Adebayo Salami, Joke Silva and Omowunmi Dada.

5. August 8- The Governor: Season 1

The first female Nigerian governor emerges following the death of the governor. Fate thrust her into power and now she’s left wet in the cold. She faces power struggles and betrayals mostly by those she trusted. She discovers it isn’t easy being a woman in power. Will she bow to the pressure and critics?

6. August 15- Dere: The African Tale

On return from St. Andrew University in Scotland, Precocious, naïve and beautiful only daughter of the Kosoko’s named Dere is dumped by her long-term boyfriend and falls into depression.

7. August 18- Meet the In-Laws

Inter-tribal wedding proposal between a Yoruba man and an Igbo lady goes wrong as soon as their parents get informed. Rivalry erupts between both families but the couple are resolved to make the relationship work.

8. August 22- Ojo’s in d’ House

The drama is centered on the flamboyant lifestyle of Mrs Ojo, a matriarch of a nouveau rich family who moved from a middle to upper class neighbourhood. The whole family is made to deal with the commotion that comes with Mrs Ojo’s pursuit of social acceptance and attempts to fit into the new social standing despite her ordinary background.


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