#Issue 20: Blink of an Eye; a page turner that sheds light on the ‘greatest religion’ of all | Review

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Name of Book: Blink of an Eye

Reviewed by: Akanbi Oluwole

Genre: Fiction

Author: Ted Dekker

Year of Publication: 2003

Blink Of An Eye by Ted Dekker is an addictive page-turner. Once picked, there’s the possibility of dropping it only after the last word. It is a story centered around the second-greatest law “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Scenes created draw across politics, faith, power tussle, fanaticism, unbridled enthusiasm, mistakes, betrayal, love, and questions of the existence of God. Also, it’s a book that explores the paranormal as seen in Seth who’s gifted with an Intelligent Quotient of 193 with precognition. The ability to see possible futures. 

Miriam, an Arabian adventurist princess fled Saudi Arabia to be later joined with her clandestine lover and driver, Samir, for Berkeley in America few days to her wedding to Omar, a power-drunk prince who had masterminded the coup of enthroning King Abdullah by getting married to Miriam so as to have the support of the Shia.

Ted showed a reasonable depth of understanding of both the Christian and Islamic faith and successfully showed the greatest religion, which is love. For if a man loves his neighbor, he would not kill him. And came to the conclusion that “The world’s religions had engaged themselves in a great struggle. A struggle between those who wanted to fix the world with the sword and those who wanted to fix it with love. One day all Muslims and all Christians and everyone else would understand that the world was tired of the sword.”

In the words of the protagonist, Seth, Ted put forward these “but to question is the nature of man, right? Every religion has its place. 

Christianity has its place; Islam has its place. They hold societies together and answer man’s questions and such. But I reject both on philosophical grounds. I’m not ready to attribute my so-called ‘visions’ to religion.”

Seth put forward some hypothetical syllogism of sorts.

(A) If an all-knowing God exists, then he knows precisely what THE future is. (He knows whether I’m going to cough in ten seconds.) (B) If God knows what THE future is, then that future WILL occur unless God is mistaken. (I WILL cough in ten seconds.) (C) Because God cannot be mistaken, there is NO possibility that any other future, other than the one future that God knows, will happen. 

(There’s NO possibility I won’t cough in ten seconds.) (D) THEREFORE, if God exists, there is only ONE future, which is THE future he knows. (I cough in ten seconds.)

Miriam, a pawn to Omar in his game found herself in the hands of the most intelligent man in the US, and while escaping the cops several times. Their heart didn’t escape the affection that it births. They found Samir, her secret lover. He betrayed her by taking her back to Omar on the basis that the will of Allah comes first before the will of love. She escaped the second time but how? That’s why you have to read this interesting work by Ted Dekker.


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