You can now “Voice Tweet” on Twitter in new update

Twitter has been a platform that has changed the way we lend our voice to issues. While protests still stand as a way of making grievances known, Twitter has proven to be a platform with which we can make some degrees of change happen. Yesterday, we were greeted with the news that a campaign led by Football star, Marcus Rashford caused the Prime Minister of England to make a reverse on a decision that would cost children their meals.

Everyone’s voice matters and now, Twitter is updating its platform to ensure that your voice is heard, literally.

In a new update that is currently only available to iOS.

In the GIF image below, Twitter states that you can now “Tweet your voice”.

Exciting times are really coming. However, there is no news as per when the feature would be available on Android. For iOS users, you simply need to go upgrade your app in the Appstore.


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