PlayStation announces new launch date for the PlayStation 5 | How to enjoy the show

The PS5 launch event was supposed to take place on the 4th of June, however, due to the ongoing protest against the death of George Floyd in the US, Sony postponed the event till further notice.

Now, the official Twitter account of PlayStation made the announcement of the new scheduled date for the event. The Online launch event is scheduled to run for just about one hour and you should get ready to see more games in the PlayStation ecosystem. The launch event is however not a live event, as the pre-taped recording will be broadcast at 1080p and 30fps (frames per second). This is so that the staff working from home will be able to carefully manage the production.

Though the broadcast is at the lower quality of 1080p (which is still HD), a Senior Director at Sony, Sid Shuman claims that the games will look even better when played on a 4K TV. Also, Shuman advice that viewers make use of their headphones during the event, as “there is some cool audio work during the show, and it may be hard to enjoy this with speakers of phones and laptops”.

As of now, we know so much about the PlayStation 5, including its specs, logo, and even the new generation controller. All we are left with is to see it in action.

We still don’t know what the PS5 console itself looks like, and it remains uncertain if we will get to know that by Thursday.

More details about the event here, starting by 9 pm on Thursday, June 11th. Streaming on YouTube and Twitch.



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