Netflix and Amazon Prime are coming to DStv, but there is a catch!

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While GOtv has done so well in sending the likes of Startimes back ‘to the village’, DStv is taking a step further in satisfying its 15 million + subscribers. Multichoice is probably looking to bring viewers back to its platform, with the growing popularity of Netflix in Nigeria and other African Countries. Though Amazon Prime is still nowhere near popularity in Nigeria, there is no harm in catching them young, right?

In a recent announcement and reports from Techpoint Africa, “Netflix and Amazon prime are coming to DStv, for explora subscribers”

While some details are still pending, it’s sure that the move is to cause people to stay more on the DStv platforms. Subscription Videos on Demand (SVoD) are becoming increasingly popular and could make people well forget about DStv. Binge-watching shows on Netflix will take all the hours you can allot for movies in a day. But Multichoice doesn’t want that. “How about we make them watch Netflix on DStv”

These two streaming platforms – Netflix and Amazon Prime – will be joining Showmax on the DStv platform. However, there is still no specified date we should expect to see Netflix and Amazon Prime on DStv.


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