#Issue 17: My Sister the Serial Killer is a Thriller like no other | Book Review

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Name of Book: My Sister the Serial Killer

Reviewed by: Seyi Babs

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author: Oyinkan Briathwaite

Year of Publication: 2018


A first kill could be tagged a mistake. A second could be tagged a second mistake. A third kill makes one a serial killer. This was the case of the beautiful and charming Ayoola, whose beauty and gargantuan elegance blinded everyone around are from seeing how much of Psychopath she was –everyone except her sister, Korede. In appearance, Korede was a perfect opposite of Ayoola, but was an accomplice in crime. Does that sound harsh, since Korede was only doing ‘family?’

Ayoola’s first kill was Somto. Her first call was Korede who had come to cover her tracks, razing the killed and his abode and making one hell of a crime scene look like an accident. It didn’t stop with Somto, for Peter too, after falling for the looks of the charming Ayoola became a food to the sea. Then Femi, who was fed to the fish beneath the Third Mainland bridge. Then Gboyega, who had supposedly died of food poisoning –Ayoola was either the food or the poison.

Would one blame the killer nature of Ayoola on Father, whose only consistency was his inconsistency, or Mother was too blind to see the Murderer her daughter was becoming, or Korede who was one hell of a Cover-up agent even without being trained, or the society, for thinking beauty on the outside meant beauty on the inside, hence even beasts could get away with crimes, or perhaps, a weak security system, whose only function was to collect tips for jobs done hap-hazardly?

Ayoola soon resolved to make friend with her comatose patient Muhtar, whose family was the verge of abandoning him. If family was going to do that, Korede wasn’t family, because throughout the time he was in coma, she would go to him and tell him everything she carried; how serial a killer her sister was becoming, how non-chalant she felt about her kills, and how everyone doesn’t care about anything but her sister’s beauty.

Before long, Muhtar was out of coma, and despite being in coma, he knew there were voices in his head. He knew everything Korede had been saying. He remembers it all. He was to be a patient, and remain a patient, but here he was, with all the secrets of the sisters. Was he going to be next on the list?

How could we possibly not talk about Tade, the Doctor at Korede’s workplace? The man who was adamant on asking the beauteous Ayoola out, despite stern warnings from Korede. The man who was going to have his medical license revoked. The man who was going to change the whole narrative. The man who was going to take a first shot at making the killer, the killed. How could we possibly not talk about Tade?

I’d give the book an 9/10 rating and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Go grab yours at the bookstore! 


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