Issue #15: Emeka Nobis speaks to everyone looking to Publish a Book and Make Profit- Book Review

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Name of Book: Publish It! Make Money!

Reviewed by: Seyi Babs

Genre: Business

Author: Emeka Nobis

Year of Publication: 2020


Emeka Nobis never lets us down. We know that his books are short as a mini-skirt, yet long enough to cover the main thing.

A lot of would-be authors get it wrong from the very day they picked up a pen to want to publish. They do not have a concrete ‘Why.’ This goes on to affect the content, layout, publishing, and marketing of the book. The ‘Why’ comes before the ‘How.’

In this book, the author demystifies the trick behind making sales as an Author. While he is not against uploading books for sales on prominent sites, he offers better strategies for the Author who just got published, by first telling how to get published.

You are the best marketer in your book. Yes, you. And that is the first strategy offered in this book by the serial marketer who has himself tested all the ten strategies proffered in this book. A book’s design and title are just as important as its contents; another strategy that would-be Authors must take into consideration.

He further stressed that building an Author platform proves to be another effective strategy for book sales, as well as being armed with the art of public speaking. What public speaking does is that it helps create events that could be leveraged on for book sales.

Furthermore, utilizing endorsements from influencers has not only worked for book sales, but for general products’ sale. Other strategies include; utilizing giveaways, asking for and posting reviews, tying one’s book to a humanitarian cause, advertisement on radio and television, and continuous self-advertisement.

In conclusion, these mistakes made by would-be Authors have been brought to the fore and trashed. A lot of uprising Authors after getting published for the first time lose it and give up since their first didn’t make sales. Sales are important, but not as much as the way and manner the marketing is done. De facto, effective marketing brings good sales. The opposite brings nothing.

This is a book for everyone who is willing to go into getting published, for guns are not learned to be shot at the war front, rather before the war begins. And so is sales. However, for those Authors whose playlist is crowded with ‘silent night’ even before Christmas, this book is a timely intervention. Overall, I give the writer a 9/10; he is doing well.



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