Issue #14: Here is “The Business of the 21st Century” you should be doing – Book Review

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Name of Book: The Business of the 21st Century;

Reviewed by: Seyi Babs

Genre: Business

Author: Robert Kiyosaki, John Fleming, and Kim Kiyosaki

Year of Publication: 2010


Popularly known for his ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ series, Robert Kiyosaki has set the pace for many businesses thriving today. This book explicitly explains how to control the future by getting armed with a plethora of financial knowledge.

We were told to go to school, graduate with very good grades, get a good job and our job will take care of us. The tables have turned already as even job security is now the biggest insecurity of all. Very relatable is how the pandemic currently ravaging the world has affected everyone and his cousin.

The early parts of this book explored four quadrants of cashflow; E, S, B, I, meaning Employee, Self-employed, Business Owner, and Investor. People in the E quadrant look for job security, the S quadrant wants Independence, the B quadrant is after Wealth building and the I quadrant wants financial freedom.

More than changing jobs, changing from one quadrant to another requires a religious change of mindset. Robert goes a step further to explain that the B and the I quadrants, which he referred to as the right side of the cashflow quadrant, are the best of the rest. However, it would require the mindset of an Entrepreneur to switch sides effectively.

Moreso, gaining financial freedom, he said, takes more than raising income. It is about building assets that generate income. As against popular opinion, Robert opines that a house is not an asset but a liability. His definition of an asset is something that works for someone, such that (s)he doesn’t have to work forever. And this is what Network marketing offers.

Network marketing is the business of the 21st century, that helps built assets for individuals. Robert outlined eight assets that this book would help the network marketer build over time, on the way to guaranteeing a financially free future. More interesting is that the marketer needs not to be a great salesman to thrive in this business. Most interesting is that the business model supports females as statistics have it that the business is populated by more than four times as many women as men.

Robert never leaves you hanging. Not in Rich Dad Poor Dad. Not in this one. He is in knowing that for every original, there are four times as many fakes. Hence he goes further to offer important things to be on the watch out for before one selecting a company to work with. Notice I didn’t say ‘work for.’

Welcome to the 21st century!



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