A first look at Nigeria’s first Time Travel Movie #DOD | Watch Teaser

Days ago, Niyi Akinmolayan replied to a tweet from EDori Effiong detailing how he was excited to have invested in the #DOD movie. DOD is an Inkblot production, with post-production by Anthill Studios. These companies have collaborated to make hit movies in the past few years, and it is only exciting to see a new project coming.

It’s amazing to see that a movie that was still in script/investment stage in February 2020 is ready to be seen (technically).

The movie during production was revealed to feature a trained monkey who even signed it’s contract.

There is so much expectation about the DOD movie, as it features the likes of Denola Grey, Mr. macaroni, brother shaggi, amongst others.

Here is a first look at the teaser released by Anthill Studios. It’s time to “CHANGE YOUR DESTINY”




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