Issue #18: Exploring the “Beautiful Mistakes” of life | Book Review

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Name of Book: Beautiful Mistakes

Reviewed by: Seyi Babs

Genre: Non-fiction; Personal Development

Author: Olaseinde Tobilobaba Damilare

Year of Publication: 2020


The first thing you should know is that some mistakes are beautiful. Within the pages of this page-turner, the Author takes turns to share her experiences as an Undergraduate, and lessons drawn from them. These lessons are born from the fact that she was inches away from graduating with a first-class award as an Undergraduate. To her, if she had known some things earlier, the story would have been so much of different.

Take for instance, during her Undergraduate days, the Author didn’t see how important mentorship was, till her final days on campus. The final days proved that if she had started with mentorship, it could have made a good deal of difference. Of course, if one must go far and fast at that, (s)he must be willing to hold hands, step on the lap, and climb the shoulders of a Mentor, who has been through that same path.

What do you see competition as, an opportunity to challenge yourself to be the best, or one to prove that you cannot be the last? To the Author, being the best student within her sphere and happy to stay afloat, in the stead of challenging her best self, was a big mistake she made as an undergraduate. Competition made her in a race with everyone but her best self.

Even Indiscipline was so much of a problem to her during her undergraduate days. It is not uncommon to see this abnormal norm amidst youths. De facto, her sleeping and eating habits lends due credence to this (not anymore though, winks*). 

Furthermore, and most palpable amidst undergraduates, the Author found it hard to find a nexus between Theoretical and Practical work, not because there weren’t available structures to support the balance (as a lot of students choose to say), but because other than making use of what was available, she complained about not having things that were unavailable. And that is just what complaining does; deprives one from being effective. Other than complain, it is better to look for a way around that which is being complained about.

Others mistakes made by the Author are scribed in this book, from a wavering faith to a lack of vision, from not involving in extra-curricular activities to involving in distractions, from the first page to the last, there are many lessons to be learnt. 

I recommend the book undergraduates and graduates, who wish to be better! 


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