What most Nigerians are missing from the SpaceX Proposed Rocket Launch – The Future

There is a future out there. We need to see it. It’s beautiful. We should see it even if we are in Nigeria – a third world. Seeing the future inspires us. It’s not easy to see this future when there is no preset, but that’s what Elon is doing. He is setting a present for other dreamers and thinkers. Just fucking do it. He took his own preset from Comic books he read as a kid.

Fictional comic books about Aliens developed by the likes of Stan Lee and co. Stan Lee and co didn’t just come up with nothing, they were probably inspired by the works of Apollo 1 and II going to space.

The govt of America didn’t just do Apollo I and II, the scientists works stemmed from the works of the likes of Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci (father of the rennaissance), etc.

They got inspired by the people before. It goes on like that.

What we are seeing today is a result of some people’s dreams, visionary and hard workers that aren’t keeping disruptive innovations to themselves.

That’s the kinda thinking Elon Musk has. Not about the money. Do you know that Tesla’s vehicle software is open source? Yeah. Accessible to anyone. Because Elon doesn’t just want to be the sole maker of successful EVs, he just wants the world to transition from fuel cars. That’s why we have new EV companies like Faraday coming up.

The future is beautiful, but it has been a long haul so far. Work started hundreds of years ago. In fact, since humanity rubbed stones against each other to make fire.

The future is beautiful, Nigerians needs to see. We need to see the right things to inspire our minds. These kinda sights keep us same and focused on doing the things that matter. Life is more! Selah


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