#MayThe4th: Coping with the lockdown-ease Status Quo – May the Fourth be with you!

Seeing #MondayMotivation trend at number 4 on Nigeria Twitter simply tells of one thing, work has started in Lagos. Lagos is the heartbeat of the country, and now that the lockdown across major cities of the country is eased, all eyes are on Lagos. Since the first index case was reported in Nigeria, panic rent the air across the country. Basically, not because of the virus itself (that’s normal), but because we as Nigerians know the deplorable state of our health care system.

This exposed us to the harsh reality of how vulnerable our government has left us. As of writing this, Nigeria has suffered over 80 deaths, we over 2000 confirmed cases. Even while Sanwo-Olu agrees with the rest of Nigerians that we could have prevented all these by shutting the airports sooner, it does not change the fact that ‘normalcy’ as we know it has changed.


What then is the new normal?

With 5 weeks of Lockdown across major cities in the country (6 weeks for me), Nigerians have gotten so used to staying home. In fact, it has birth creativity in many individuals, with hundreds of thousands downloading and creating on TikTok.

However, a week ago,  President Buhari announced that the lockdown will be eased starting from Today. This announcement was greeted with mixed reactions. This is because this announcement came when it fully dawns on the world that the key to stopping the CoronaVirus is when everyone stays home. And there we were, 8 pm, last Monday, watching our President say we can start going to work.

Needless to say that Nigerians wouldn’t be so hellbent on going to work if the palliative measures, as implemented by other world governments were functional in Nigeria.


Anyways, Lagos has resumed

It’s hard to tell if Abuja has resumed because I have not gone out (and I don’t think I would). But from pictures, tweets, and the buzz on Twitter, Lagos has fully resumed. Evident with a heavy queue at bus stops waiting to catch the next ride to work. The hustle and bustle, that breaks every concept of physical and social distancing. How will Lagosians cope with this ease in lockdown?

Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time before we experience a surge in the number of confirmed cases in Lagos. Not to forget that kano is also a ticking bomb.

These developments leave one to think, “is the government really thinking this decision through?”

Fine, there are sentiments that people are starving, and hardship indoor is on the high. In fact, Lagos and environ saw a spike in crime about two weeks ago. But, is this enough reason to risk the spread of this pandemic. Lagos has several million living in it. Easing the lockdown is a pretty bad idea.

But, is my ranting the whole point of this article? No


How can you cope with movement during lockdown ease? 

  • May the Fourth be with you (or ‘Lord’, in another case)

While Nigerians trust in the protection of the lord, there is still the place of being sensible. Executives of companies that abided by the government directive and allowed workers to resume are not so considerate. This is because, these executives will arrive in their cars, an N95 mask, gloves, and even scrubs.

However, the downline workers are hustling for a bus at the park. This is not fair and simply shows that such companies don’t have the good of their workers at heart. They are simply all about the gains.

This leaves everyone that starts going to work from today to the hands and protection of the lord (which I don’t doubt). This is the best bet for everyone that resumed work today.


  • Don’t touch your face, not eat anything at work

Hundreds of people are at the park, tens of people are on the bus with you, you touch things. All these culminate in increased exposure to this virus. While we know that the virus can be anywhere, but people are more prone outside and while in contact with others. We may have eased the lockdown, but the virus takes no break.

Anyways, if you must go out, don’t forget to NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE NOR PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH. Even if you have the best sanitizer money can buy, you can’t be too careful.


  • Be wary of contact

This is a major change that has occurred to mankind in the wake of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Whenever I go to the store to get stuff, subconsciously I no longer want to bump into anyone. It’s a scary reality we now live in, avoiding others like a plague. However uncomfortable it may be, it’s the fight for survival against the enemy we can’t see with the naked eye. And till normal life as we know it is restored, be wary of physical contact.


  • Wash your hands regularly

This has been said over a billion times, on all platforms, by every conscious brand. But, it can never be overemphasized. Not when your health and those of your loved one are at stake. Wash your hands with running water, as frequently as possible.


  • Hire a ride, if possible

Not everyone can afford to hire a car, for the time being, not everyone can buy a vehicle too. In fact, Lagos as a case study does not need more cars on its roads. But, it is still the best option one has while trying to commute to work and back. Investing in maintaining your perfect health is worth it.

Call a bolt ride, chatter a ‘drop’ cab. Irrespective of the price, hire a ride if you can.


  • Stay at home

If you have your way around it, stay in your home. If you have enough resources at home, stay in your home. It’s hard, it’s boring, but being alive at the end of all this is important. Nigeria is yet to flatten the curve, you don’t want to be amongst the infected people walking around. Remember, many people don’t even show symptoms.


As I Roundup

Know that this is by no means a condemnation of the sense of survival of those resuming work today. In fact, it is mainly to point out how the government has failed its people. We as people must do all we can to avoid getting infected.

Well, maybe it’s just innate of humans to want to go around. Even US citizens that received palliatives from government, protested a week ago for the lockdown to be ended. Same with Elon Musk – my role model.

The world is in a tight spot right now, with people unsure of what to do. Many foresee a radical change in the way we live life. And some like me, believe things will most likely go back to normal if all these pass over.

All in all, May the Fourth Be With You (It’s International Star Wars Day)


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