Long Distance Relationships 101: These are the WhatsApp stickers you need to sail through this Lockdown! Get in your feelings now!

Not only has CoronaVirus resulted in cancellation of events. Not only has it delayed the release of some blockbusters we have been anticipating. Not only has it resulted in the loss of jobs, and not only has it caused companies like BT Sports to work from home. It has also changed the destiny of many relationships to “long distances”.

Separated by 10s to 100s of Kilometer, all that lovers could rely on in this period is WhatsApp. Sleeping off while video-calling each other, sending smileys as many as possible, to depict the current emotion being felt.

You miss her, she misses you. It’s all going to continue until it’s safe to roam the streets of your locations again. Health comes first in everything. But, words sometimes are not enough. Remember when they told you that pictures mean a thousand words (I don’t remember the exact way it is said anymore). Well, what better way to convey your love to your partner than with pictures.

So, I decided to run a social experiment on my WhatsApp, to get more stickers from my friends. Fortunately, many of them have stocked up stickers, from wherever they have gotten them, and here are some screenshots. If you think you need them, message me on WhatsApp, with the hashtag, #Stickers. Or anyhow you can. Who knows, we could be friends because I really look forward to being your friend.

First, let’s get to the sticker business. feed your eyes.

This is the best hug in the world. Let your partner feel the love
We just getting started!
Well, for you that don’t want to act all cutie but want to express love
Blow the kiss. Show ’em lots of love
Shoot them!
Hearts everywhere
What an outpouring of love. I know, I sound like an RCF brethren
How many hearts does your “loml” deserve?
Loving can’t be too much
Love is real!
Well, what can I say?
Leave Rihanna’s lip, this is all the lip you need, guys!
Cuddle! Love! Cuddle!
If you don’t love them, who will?
What is love, if you are not here with me? (Who remembers that Empire Song?)
Yes! This is the best. Oh my God!

Do you need any of these, message me on WhatsApp.



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