Issue #9: Dive into the world of Marketing with Emeka Nobis’ “Simply Marketing” – Book Review

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Simply Marketing; Reviewed by Seyi Babs

Genre: Business

Author: Emeka Nobis

Year of Publication: 2020


Yet another page-turner from Marketing guru, Emeka Nobis. He once again opened the eyes of readers –myself inclusive –to the nitty-gritty of marketing in this part of our world. If there’s one thing I like about this book, it is the fact that its language of communication is simple, relating terms in marketing to what we see, hence creating an image so simple! However, I feel there’s a second edition on the way as this particular book focuses more on the basics of marketing. For beginners, this is heaven on earth. For Pros., they want more bones.

One of the challenges Entrepreneurs and business owners face really is how to turn potential clients into regular customers. For a first-time Entrepreneur, convincing your first client is hard, making him(/her) stay is harder. In this part of the world, the problem is even doubled because most of the solutions proffered in some books, do not work on the African terrain. So, for an African Business owner, you have a problem with another problem. Do not weep, this book got you covered.

Capturing in details the sole of Marketing, Simply Marketing gets to the soul of its readers by offering solutions to the many problems of marketing. As earlier opined, keeping a customer is harder than convincing them. But if you can successfully make them permanent customers, it is a plus for you, as word-of-mouth marketing is today still the most efficient form of marketing.

This book covers the Intricacies of Marketing in its first chapter and goes a step to extensively explore the elements involved in marketing –especially in a country like Nigeria. Taking the Apple brand as an exempli gratia, it talks about why you want an Apple phone. I can’t run away from the fact that I too want an Apple phone. Winks.* What is it really that makes you order the next Apple products even while the one you are using isn’t outdated yet?

For Marketers who are already in the good business of making cool profits, chapter three extensively deals with nine cardinal points to help raise your profit margin, using the MTN marketing models as a reference. MTN is widely known for their gimmicks in connecting with the culture of the audience they preach to.

Furthermore, a marketing mindset is what makes all the difference there is, not just the strategies or tools. This mindset is examined in Chapter four while different marketing strategies are explored in the last chapter of the book. Overall, I give the writer a 7/10; don’t loud it.


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