iOS 13.5 update out now, features meant to tackle COVID-19-generated issues

The world is at a standstill, though most countries are trying to get back to normal life. While countries like Germany have resumed football, we are left to see what unfolds in Nigeria in the coming weeks.

iOS 13.5 update is here, and it includes new features that were necessitated by the CoronaVirus Pandemic. One of which is the fact that we are now forced to include masks in our daily dressing. Thanks to this, the Face Unlock feature on the iPhone has been less effective once the masks are on.

In the older version, you’d have to wait for some seconds before you are able to enter your passcode, as you cannot use Face unlock. This update does not let you use face unlock with the mask though, but it makes accessing the passcode unlock feature easier. You simply need to swipe up, and the passcode field comes up.

Also, in the past months, Google and Apple have been working on the joint API program that allows for contact tracing. While the program is currently adopted by 3 states in the US, the feature will allow you to get a notification from government officials, if you may have been in contact with someone with the virus. Of course, for this to work, it needs to work with third-party applications developed by the government. Hence, if and when NCDC develops such an app, it is integrated into the OS of both android and iOS devices for easy tracing.

There is more to come from the exposure tracing App developed by Google and Apple, as in the nearest future, there may be no need for a third-party app. Looking at this long term plan, it’s safe to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic may take some while before it finally disappears. Let’s, however, hope this is the wrong assumption.


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