First insights into the iPhone 12 Pro – Design, Camera, Battery, etc

We all know Apple as the Premium brand that gives us just little updates in sequence. It’s been a while since we experienced any massive upgrade iPhone lineup by the company. That’s one thing they, however, thrive on. Giving out doses of features, in new annual flagships.

While we are still reeving about the iPhone 11 line up, with the unique camera design, Apple is gearing up for the iPhone 12, and it’s looking like it’s going to be way more than we expected Like, Apple is finally deciding to give us more upgrades than we expected.

According to leaks and info gathered so far, the higher-end devices in the new line up will feature camera and display features that are found on the iPad Pro tablets.


The Display

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch display, respectively. The display also comes at a 120HZ refresh rate. With this, you enjoy smoother scrolls and an excellent experience with gaming.

There is, however, the option of switching between the two display levels of 60Hz and 120Hz. This switch will help you prevent drastic battery loss.


Increased Battery Life

There is an increase in the battery capacity of the higher-end version of the iPhone 12 Pro to about 4400mAh, to allow for the effective functioning o the ProMotion Tech. Other than the ProMotion Tech, you will also need this battery capacity when you are using the 5G network.


The Notch and Face ID

The new iPhone 12 line up is also said to have had a shrink down of the notch at the top of the phone. The notch which is the part that houses the Face ID technology seems to also have enjoyed a great deal of overhaul. The Sensor is now fitted with a wider field of view, which will allow you to validate your face from different angles.



The Major thing to note about the camera is that there is an improvement to the sharpness of the nighttime pictures. It is said that the autofocus, in this case, is faster and you can totally depend on the HDR algorithm that is designed to reduce the noise in nighttime pictures.

The camera also comes with features like the lidar system, an additional sensor that provides Augmented Reality Experiences. All these culminate in an improved Portrait Mode.

There is also an upgrade of the two telephoto lenses to 3x optical zoom. This is as against the existing iPhones that are 2x.



A leak suggests that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a design just like that of the iPhone 5. Stainless steel edges, with a reduced notch, and a new color option of Navy Blue.


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