Disney is bringing a new Blockbuster – The New Mutants to the screens! Release date…

We are not only waiting for Mulan from the king of Cinemas, Disney. Now, The New Mutants has a release date, and we are raving about it. It used to seem like this movie would never come out. Well, here it is. Delayed by the global pandemic, just like the other movies that were expected at the cinemas this year.

Earlier in the year when Disney announced the postponement of the release of Mulan and Black widow to July 24th and November 5th respectively, we thought we wouldn’t be seeing The New Mutants on the big screen anymore. Well, here it is.

The Horror thriller is set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is restricted from moving around, to monitor their mental states. The development of the movie started with 21st Century Fox in 2015, and the production began in 2016.

The shifting of the movie happens twice, to allow other movies like Deadpool and X-men have their shine. But, finally, the long wait seems to be over. On the 28th of August, The New Mutants is coming to a Cinema near you.


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