5 Recent John Cena Quotes (Tweets) that will make you think about your Life!

My Best Wrestler Ever

When you visit the Twitter page of John Cena, you’d think you are on the page of a motivational speaker and not a wrestler. In fact, the punchlines and motivational quotes on that page will make you think of your life. For real.

If you find yourself lazying around, and you want to knock yourself back to work. Visit that page. Right from the bio, you can be sure that you are set for a motivational experience by following him. Fortunately, I do, and here are 5 of his recent Motivational tweets that hit me hard!


5. Do right. Strive to live Joyful. Know you are enough. Earn each day.

If you have been suffering from low self-esteem, know that you are enough fam.


4. Never lose your curiosity for life

This is so true. The moment you stop being curious, you stay stagnant. Get that?


3. Don’t take someone else’s word on what you can achieve

Heard that? All those that say you can’t do it. They are lying.


2. Talk to someone, not about someone

All of us backbiters, enough is enough. Let’s find life now.


1. Open your mind before you open your mouth

This one hit me so much that I decided to write this blog post. But it’s true, many people are so narrow-minded and just talk about things they don’t even know. Everyone wants to be right, but don’t even have the right information in their head. Be open-minded. consumer the right information.

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