YouTube wants to compete with TikTok, with a new app called “Shorts”

Who remembers when DSTV created GoTV to compete with StarTimes. That strategy is coming into play again, and it’s with a bigger tech company, YouTube. Question is, will it work.

TikTok is gaining immense user numbers, especially thanks to Lockdown in several countries. But, YouTube now wants a cut of that user base, and it’s looking to launch a new product called Shorts.

It’s going to be an app to upload short videos and make use of licensed music that YouTube has in its catalogue.

This move is normal for Tech companies. Even Facebook is building it’s own version of TikTok, called Lasso. Lasso is currently in test in Brazil.

No much is available yet about Shorts, but it could be coming soon or later (considering that many employees are working from home).



Image Copyright: The Verge


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