This is the Most Savage Tweet by Twitter’s Twitter Account Ever!

Twitter’s verified account always doles out interesting and really smart Tweets. A three words tweet, and you can definitely see the sense in it. That handler is probably the smartest handler alive (that I have seen). Or maybe the engagement each Tweet gets is simply because it’s Twitter.

Anyways, about 5 hrs ago, the most Savage Tweet from the account emanated, and it’s such a clapback.

Yesterday, there were some complains about Twitter DMs, with several saying they think something is wrong. It isn’t a worldwide claim though. But some accounts did tweet that.

That’s not what’s important in this post. What’s important is how Twitter’s official account said nothing is wrong. It’s a legendary tweet that will go down in history. Like, wtf! I can’t even say it with my mouth.

What a Tweet!



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