Google now offers you Games on it’s Homepage; to tackle Depression during Lockdown

If it seems as though the lockdown is getting to your mental health. Then you may want to consider gaming on Google’s homepage on the daily updated Google Doodle. Learning something might not have been easy so far, but gaming actually is.

Starting from the 27th of April, Google started rolling out throwback games via it’s Google Doodle (The Google Logo on the homepage). You simply need to press the play button wherever it features on the Doodle, and it will take you to the gaming page.

To catch up on the various games that have featured on the page, you can visit the Google Doodle Blog. According to reports, the gaming spree is meant to run for two weeks, and hopefully, by then everything will be back to normal.

As of writing this, there have been four releases of the gaming doodles. And while Google is betting and going big on the Google Stadia gaming, these are ones that everyone can play.

First Release (April 27th): The title of the game here is “Coding for Carrots“. The game was produced in 2017, and Google brought it back. The whole framework of the game is such that you create a combination of commands that instructs your rabbit on how to go about collecting the carrots. Easy, yeah?




Second Release (April 28th): On the second day of the gaming spree, the gaming doodle is to celebrate the ICC Championship Trophy of 2017. You get to play cricket. If you have ever wondered how the Indians played the game, this is your chance to catch up on it.




Third Release (April 29th): This is beyond the game, it’s an experience – isn’t that what Google is all about? An experience. With “117th Oskar Fischinger” Doodle, you can create music and add some incredible visuals.




Fourth Release (Today – April 30th): This goes a step higher, as you can actually create your own sound. Ever thought of being an Opera performer, or a music producer, “Clara Rockwell’s theremin” feature offers you the chance. Simply click the notes, in your unique combinations, viola – music.




Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world, and while they work with Apple to help build a tool that fosters Covid-19 contact tracing, helping to lighten the mood is a way of saying “we care about you.”


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