Covid-19 Lockdown: How ‘The 5-seconds Rule’ Can Help You Maximize the Excess Free Time what you want to do

Covid-19 work from home

By; Semilore Lawani (Black Pen NG Editor)


It is no longer news, how that the current and recent pandemic – Covid-19 is giving the world such a tough time. It has caused a massive shift in every sector, and we are forced to adapt. For instance, this couple that did their wedding on Zoom! Businesses, Education, Technology, Sports, all industries are suffering a huge setback.

Training now happens online as physical gatherings have been placed on hold, and there is a total lockdown. But, take a look at it from another angle, I mean a different perspective, the brighter side. The Covid-19 pandemic has cleared off most of the things that keep us “busy” and has blessed us with time, more time.

Time do everything we ever wanted, but we complained of not being able to do it because there was “no time.” Now, we can reach out to family and friends, strengthen our bonds with them, revisit our goals and new-year resolutions, take online courses, and attend virtual training, etc. However, most of us are not maximizing the time we have at our disposal.

There may be several reasons for this, some of which are; panic, lack of resources, mental stress, etc. However, in the case where you are mentally stable, you have the resources, and perfect health, but still find yourself doing nothing, just one thing is lacking – discipline.
Now, this can be very tricky. As simple as it sounds, “discipline,” it’s is one of the hardest things to pull off on earth. But there is a solution. Have you ever heard of the 5-seconds rule?


Maximizing Covid-19: The 5-Seconds Rule

What is the 5 Second Rule? You’re probably already quizzing. Simple, the 5 Second rule is this; “If you have the instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds, or your brain will kill it!” Intriguing right, who even knew that such a rule existed? Anyways, it does, that aside, the question to ask is, what does this rule entail, and how does it affect me, my goals, bucket list, decision making, and procrastination?

When it comes to the 5 Second rule, there is what we call the 5 Second window, and these windows are the guide to follow when acting on the 5 Second rule and they are:

1. ” The moment you have an instinct.”

2. “…To act on a goal”
3. “…You must push yourself ”
4. “ …To move within 5 seconds ”
5. “ …Or your brain will kill it!”
Now read it all together. Exactly! Now how does this rule affect my decision making or procrastination?


1. Decision Making:

When it’s time to decide on your next line of action, don’t overthink it, move. This almost sounds like the motto of a famous brand – Nike; “Just Do It!” and it works hand in hand with the 5 Second Rule. At times, most times, you have the instinct to do something, or you get a suggestion from your gut to act on something.

According to this rule, you have just 5 seconds to decide to move physically towards that suggestion; else, your brain will kill it. This suggestion could be anything; it could be acting on your set goals, checking off an activity on your bucket list, taking a walk, voicing out your opinion at an event, phoning a friend, anything.

Are you laying on your bed and thinking of what next to do, then it suddenly crosses your mind to update your resume? Don’t waste time. Stand up and do it. When you start thinking of how long it will take to do it, the resources you need, you will probably not do it again. Your twitter notification may suddenly pop up.
You need to act immediately; else, it will lead to…


2. Procrastination:

Without even defining it, you know what this is and how that it is the killer of dreams and goals, an archenemy of the 5 Second Rule. This is the action of delaying or postponing something. Something in this context is that activity that your gut or instinct leads you to do or act on. Be truthful to yourself, do you ever revisit that action you postpone? Rate yourself over 100. To defeat procrastination, you will need to discipline your mind to always act on the 5 Second Rule.

Now that so much time has been placed at our disposal, how do you maximize it to the fullest? Easy, stick to the 5 Second Rule, and act on whatever you need to work on. Do you want to take an online course, reach out to a prospective client or mentor, take a walk, or even rest? Just count backward, 5,4,3,2,1, and move!


How about you try this out tomorrow!


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