Book Review: Anticipation; The Fire of Process by Damilare Osundare (@asiricomedy)

Damilare Osundare wastes no time diving into his second book. He doles out insightful explanations of the realities of the road to success. In his second book, titled “Anticipation; The Fire of Process”, Damilare (popularly referred to as Asiri Comedy) uses his life growing up as references. The writing was also very smart and relatable as he makes a relationship between the concept of the Kitchen and real life.

He explains that the needs of the world are to be satisfied by what individuals cook up in the kitchen (their individual lives). He states, “In this Gigantic Kitchen, you are the cook and your brand (personal or corporate) is the meal.

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Coming in a total of 88 pages, the book does justice to the need for an established process if you are going to achieve any result. There are 8 chapters in the book, each making a representation of the various aspects of cooking, and how they can be interpreted in real life.

Published in the year 2020, the book comes with updated information on how tools, people and relationships can be leveraged on, by the Millenials, to achieve success.


As per writing, this is one of the best motivational books I have read. Written in very plain terms, and the fact that related concepts were used, makes it ‘slap harder’. Damilare is a comedian and an MC, hence, there is never a dull moment in the book. The perfect blend of humor, cliches, and examples make this book the one you should be reading in the social distancing season.

The Text used in publishing the hardcopy is very alluring (I can’t say for the softcopy – which I didn’t buy). This singular fact is why I decided to read the book, only to hit a gold mine of carefully selected words.



The hardcopy of the book sells at N3500 (excluding delivery fee) on, while the softcopy sells at N1000. This book holds so much value, and it is worth every penny you may decide to pay.

Veering off the status quo of motivational speakers laying down surreal vibrations, without an emphasis on a feasible process, this book tells you the “how” of achieving success.


Should you buy it? 

Yes, we 100% recommend this book for readers.

Black Pen NG rating: 10


Quotes from the Book

Here are quotes that got our reviewer thinking


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