These particular Crappy Video ads will no longer show when you surf the net

Big Tech companies that deal with software make a chunk of their revenue from ads, especially video ads.

There is no telling, there are so many crappy ads out there, especially by new advertiser’s trying to hurl money into the pockets of their clients, at your expense.

Advertisers like Zegnet, And Junky, etc, don’t mind you experience as a user, they plaster the web page with video ads, and you get frustrated from different pop ups and all.

Well, Google Chrome has taken up the challenge to bring an end to crappy ads. In the latest resolution by Better Ads, which includes the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, Ads that don’t meet particular standard will henceforth be banned by August.

There are three major forms of video ads that will be blocked by this policy.

1. Long unskipable ads that is about 31 seconds and cannot be canceled in the first 5 seconds.

2. Ads that suddenly pop up in the middle of a video less than 8 minutes, hence, disrupting user experience

3. Image or Text ads that suddenly appears on a video, covering more than 20% of the video frame.

In more easy-to-understand depiction, the Better Ads board is mainly telling advertiser’s to make sure their ads become more like that of YouTube.

YouTube makes “long” ads skipable after 5 seconds. YouTube only displays ads in mid of videos more than 10 mins. YouTube doesn’t do large image or text ads on a Video.

Although, Google still claims it will review YouTube and setup, to make sure it complies.

This is the new rule, and advertiser’s need to get their stuff together by August. Peace!


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