First-Ever Nollywood Time travel Movie – DOD, set to premiere

Nollywood is live!

From as many as I can cast my mind back-on, I have never seen a Nollywood Time-travel movie. It has always been a ‘Hollywood thing’, but not anymore. In fact, DOD – the movie is a seamless combination of both Time-travel and the importance of family (brings to mind Vin Diesel’s mantra in the Fast and Furious Franchise).

This is the first time we will be seeing a time travel movie in Nollywood, and as a true fan, I am really excited. So forgive me in Advance, I’m going to be writing everything I will write later about this movie as a fan, not a critic – even the movie review (I won’t be biased though).

It seemed like a dream far fetched, but as Niyi Akinmolayan said in a tweet, Nollywood blogs and press will be busy this year. This is the year of Nollywood.

Remember the “Malika” animation short film? Remember “Elevator Baby’? Anthill studios, the maker of these amazing movies are on the works again, pouring resources to bringing to life the first-ever time travel Nollywoof family feature movie.

DOD – the Time travel movie is written and being directed by Akay Mason (his second movie) and Abosi Ogba (His first movie).

This movie is one that is based on the life of two teenagers, Chidi and Rotimi, who suddenly stumbles on a magical chance to go back in time to reverse the financial situation of their families.

The casting of this movie is heavy with notable industry names, in persons of Jide Kosoko, Nobert Young, Ireti Doyle, Dima-Okojie, Toyin Abraham, amidst others.

Denola Grey will be playing the lead role alongside Olumide Oworu in the time travel movie – DOD. The producers of the movie are Victoria Akujobi of Anthill Studios and Isioma Osaje.

There is so much going on with the movie production as of now. In fact, in a recent announcement from the makers, the movie will feature Abu Saint – a monkey, who would play the character of Stryker (of course, the monkey signed its contract itself – “after monkeying around…”). To ensure animal safety, Abu will be handled by NatGeo endorsed Zoologist and animal handler, Dr. Mark Saint.

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