Will you buy this Elon Musk Bulletproof Tee Shirt?

Tesla CEO thinks like Iron Man, we are used to that already. For a company that doesn’t spend money on marketing, Tesla has surely risen to bring the science fiction concept cars to life. Now we have dope EVs (Electric Vehicles), of which the cybertruck made the most wave.

Now, we have the Tesla bulletproof shirt featured on the Tesla Shop, and it costs just 45 dollars. The shirt ships in 2 weeks, and it’s worth the investment. Maybe not for Nigerians where our concern is bomb by Boko Haram. Americans exposed to irrelevant gunfights (thanks to their gun carrying ability) will surely need it.

According to Tesla, the shirt is very comfortable and it was inspired by the cybertruck unveiling event. The shirt is made of cotton, and on the back there is the iconic cybertruck logo.

$45 is such a good deal, and worth the ability to flaunt that “My shirt is bulletproof”

Order your shirt here


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