Tony Stark is back in Iron Man 2020. Just how?!

Marvel! Marvel!! Marvel!!! Why won’t you just leave Tony Stark in the grave? Or wherever he is. Well, it’s nothing new, this is Marvel’s world, and we are just living in it.

Anyways, Tony Stark as a character is back, but not the Robert Downey Jr. This character to me is brought to life by Marvel’s annoying brilliance, somewhat of a trickery. Or does Marvel has it all figured out since the beginning?

Can Iron Man be the same again?

Tony Stark has a brother? Maybe I have not been paying attention.

On the EarthMightiestShow, it is disclosed that the new Tony Stark is going to be a fusion of the AI replica of Tony’s brain and a 3D printed body. On the show, they went further to introduce his brother – the legitimate son of Tony’s father – who has been sock since childhood, kept in solitary and now somewhat of a psychopath.

He comes out of solitary to continue the mission and vision of his brother – whatever that is – in his own way. New Tony Stark will be premiered in “Iron Man 2020” a comic series to start publishing this year.

I guess the Avengers isn’t over anyways, we surely getting an aftermath soon. Endgame wasn’t the end.


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