This Smartphone has a disappearing camera

The concept one smartphone by One Plus is one of many tech innovations that will feature at CES 2020. While other amazing and cool budding tech companies are gearing to stun the audience at the event, Oneplus just can’t wait to get you excited about their new device.

I will call it a smart move. By tweeting about their phone with the disappearing camera, it’s surely on people’s minds already, and more people will surely check-in at the event.

Wait, hope you are not thinking that by ‘disappearing’, we mean the ones we have seen in archaic Nollywood movies? Nope. But, the cameras actually will be invisible when not in use.

Achieving this by Oneplus will not be possible without the help of McLaren – yeah, the popular car brand. The device makes use of an electrochromic sheet of glass to cover the phone rear cameras. Now, this glass has the ability to switch between being tinted and being opaque. No mechanical cameras, nothing, just the transparency changing, and boom, the camera disappears.

One of the first reporters to see this is one from Wired. The reporter states that we shouldn’t actually be expecting some sort of “magic act, or a more pronounced physical transition. The cameras in either case of transparency can hardly be seen.” So, when it gets tinted, you just won’t see it at all.

This is good though, as there are no camera bumps

This is not the only feature of the Oneplus Concept One actually, it is also going to be a foldable phone. Coupled with other features not stated yet.

This is only an indication of the fact that CES 2020 will feature awesome and really cool tech. 3 days is just 3 days away – of course.


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