This is the best way to achieve your New Year Resolutions | @thenidaveshow

New Year, New Decade, New Month, in fact, New You. Virtually everyone has a New Year resolution, except me, and probably you. I don’t do new year resolutions not because they are bad, but I may soon forget about them when reality sets in.

But, do you have goals? I started pursuing my new year goals since last year, so did David Adesina, as explained on his podcast (in conjunction with Eniola). I determined to build a new connection in our new Headquarters – Abuja, and I started today (made two new connections today). I wanted to read more books, I started reading last year, and I read one page again (of a new one) before I fell asleep yesterday (after a really long day).

My point? Chill, listen to The Eni-Dave show podcast to figure out how best to achieve the goals (preferred to resolutions) you have set for yourself this new year, remember, it’s day 11 already!



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