The Witcher song has so many covers already – Any other word for “Awesome”?

Maybe Game of Thrones has made the world hold fantasy movies in a special place, maybe not, The Witcher is most assuredly enjoying a great deal of popularity. Partly thanks to the confusion the makers put us through with timeline, we resolved it anyways.

Now, “Toss a coin to your witcher, won’t you?”. Yeah, Toss a coin to your witcher has so many covers already. Of all the covers though, I enjoyed the metallic instrumental version – I love it (I danced while writing this). So, I’m putting it first (Such complete music). There are other metal covers though, but…

This is my fave, but not the best. Yeah, saved the best for the last. It’s a game of music. Such creativity!!!!

Here comes the Epic version, geez, I’m scared already!!!

Don’t be disappointed that it wasn’t as epic as stated. We move!

This next one is more like the one on the show anyway, but, it’s a lady singing, and Russian is the language. Good luck with that!

Ok, this is pretty impressive too, a choir of one person! (I can only wonder how long this video took him to make. A loyal stan! (Fam, this is beautiful)

How about a club remix (let’s party fam with the Witcher)

Yeah, this is it. Beautiful visuals

Let’s keep the good music coming people.



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