The Roadshow!: @CoolFMNigeria gives us a deeper dive into Asa’s person, especially “men”

The Album that grants you a trip to cloud9

Lucid came out, and it was wild as usual – the usual we expect from Asa after a long period of silence. We have always been a fan of Asa music – many of us. There is so much on Wikipedia about her, but I bet that wouldn’t take you closer in knowing her person. You would get to know her birthday, album lists and all, but do you know her dog’s name? The kind of man she likes?

It’s easy to pass that these don’t matter, but, we are fans, right? Every little detail about our idols matters. Right! Asa is a soul singer like no other in Nigerian History, and the French-born Nigerian has so much vibe going even off stage.

In an interview published by Cool FM, Asa takes a tour around her humble and peaceful lifestyle, her opinions on female beauty matters, her pet’s name (a dog of 11 years old), and yes, the kind of men she freaks out for.

An interview smeared with doses of humor, and shots of weird questions, this is definitely a must-watch! By the way, Asa likes tall men – but……


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