Say Hello to Cyberphone; the hybrid of iPhone 11 Pro and Cybertruck of Tesla (watch)

Yes, Apple makes arguably the best phones of the world, and iPhone 11 Pro is recent proof. Tesla makes the best EVs so far. We all know this. But, I bet you don’t know Caviar. An accessories company that features several modifications of the iPhone versions.

In past years, the company has developed modifications for iPhones, some of which sold for over $100k. Now, Cyberphone is here, and it’s an hybrid of iPhone 11 Pro and Cybertruck.

The phone is designed to have a back with the shape of the cybertruck. There is also a foldable protector for the screen, which can also act as stand. I bet you are interested.

To get the phone, Caviar said you should contact the customer service, and since there are no precious stones, it may be cheaper than previous modifications by the company.


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