Samsung’s new invisible AI-powered keyboard for your phone will leave you stunned!

This is no overstatement, imagine clanking your hand on your table, and it’s reflecting on your phone. Yeah, that is what SelfieType can achieve for you. Of course, Artificial Intelligence is the one in play.

Anyways, Samsung is not joking, and the earlier you know it, the better. 2020 will unpack many things for the brand.

When it comes to SelfieType, I think it’s a tech I would enjoy. I write every day, so, I know the convenience that comes with typing on the system, rather than using thumbs on the phone. But with SelfieType, my typing skills may just be useful to use on phone after all. And yours too.

With the AI feature, making use of your phone’s selfie camera, it tracks your hands as you type on the invisible keyboard right in front of you.

Yeah, you might be thinking that how will you see what you are typing. Well, maybe you need to get your typing skills aligned more – you will need it.

The feature is still in the demo mode, but it seems very cool already. I can’t wait. The Samsung C-Lab program is responsible for its development. This is a dedicated lab in Samsung that is concerned with the development of weird tech solutions.

We don’t know how Samsung is looking to deploy this tech yet, but if it eventually becomes mainstream, oh my God! It’s time to demonstrate more magic to the aged ones. Lol. We are going to see this tech demonstrate at CES this week. CES is live at Las Vega. Yes, Las Vegas is not only for gambling.

This is not the first time we are hearing of invisible keyboards anyway, but it’s the first time it’s going to be portrayed as a really serious tool. And yes, Samsung is the one at the hem of its development now. Buy a Samsung Device now, the future is now.


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