Micheal B. Jordan stars in ‘Just Mercy’: All you need to know as it hit cinemas worldwide (Trailer)

Who is up for seeing Michael B. Jordan on the big screen? I think I am. “Just mercy” a movie by Warner Bros media is set to hit the cinemas, and it’s a true-life story. Rated 13, the movie runs for 136 minutes, and it is deemed to be thought-provoking one, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

A critic’s consensus has the movie as one that depicts injustice that occurs in real-life, while delivering strong performances, and was well directed. In fact, on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a solid 99% audience vote. This tell you that it’s gonna be one hell of an action-packed movie.

The synopsis narrates a true story that has a young lawyer, Bryan Stevenson (Michael Jordan) in hot battles, in defense of justice (makes me remember Mike Ross). He graduated from Harvard, and despite having lucrative jobs lined up for him, he decides to go after injustice in Alabama. He wants to defend all those that wrongly condemned because they could not get a solid representation in court.

In the course of his journey, he takes up the case of a young man (Jamie Foxx), who was wrongly sentenced to death in 1987. The twist was that there were pieces of evidence that prove Foxx’s innocence, however, just the testimony of a man with a motive to lie threw behind bars. How will Jordan unwrap this conspiracy?

While fighting the course of the innocent man, he gets battled with racism, punches thrown legally and politically. How will he survive the turmoil of all the odds stacked against him? I guess we can only find out on the 10th of January, 2020.

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