Kunle Afolayan’s Citation Movie: All we know so far

Kunle Afolayan is one of Best Nigerian Movie Directors of all time, and Citation movie is just going to be another testament to that. From Figurine to October 1st, to Phone Swap (my personal best), and to Mokalik, it’s been hit. There has always been something different with his movies. And the cinematography is one of the most notable things you can point out. The scripts are great, and the impact is felt.

It’s 2020, and Kunle is starting the decade with the five weeks shoot of “Citation”. This is a new movie that aims to address the moral decadence in Nigerian Universities, especially following the “sex-for-marks” scandals and revelations across the country.

The movie is a college drama, and the Nigerian Set is the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. It actually makes sense (which is not confirmed to be the reason though for its selection as the location), as OAU is a Nigerian Institution which reports have been heard of such cases. In fact, a lecturer is currently serving jail time as a result of this moral decadence. The school is also currently in the heat of another lecturer being accused of such misdemeanor activity.

Kunle and company at the Jan 9 Press conference

This movie is a project in which Golden Effects picture partners with Ford Foundation, amidst other major partners like Access Bank, Canon, etc. The pre-production of the movie began in October 2018, and shooting began on the 10th of January, 2020, till Feb, 15 2020. It is still unclear when the movie will hit the Cinema (or Netflix, no word on post-production release yet), but we reached out to Kunle, and will let you know once we hear from him.



The movie centers on the life of a post-graduate student, named Moremi Oluwa, 21 years old (Role played by Temi Otedola). Incensed by the ill-treatment suffered in the hands of a don, Lucien N’Dyare, she drags him before the university’s Senate. The ensuing intrigues define Moremi’s word against that of the respected academic in a male-dominated environment.

So many other dons of the Nigerian Film Industry are involved in this project; Ini edo, Gabriel Afolayan, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Daba, etc. And Kunle’s company’s screenwriter, Tunde Babalola wrote this movie.



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