Iran vs USA: This is the best way to follow the news without being terrified | Trevor Noah

Fine man, like fresh wine

World War III could be around the corner for all we know, but, God forbid, right? War should please remain in the history book, cos all I’m versed in handling right now is a laptop, then my phone (I typically find it stressful to write with a pen now, I would prefer typing the list of groceries to get now).

Be that as it may, war may be coming, or not anymore. Iran retaliated to threats and actions taken by the US some hours ago. And when Trump is tweeting “All is well…”, Hm, it somehow sends cold shivers down your spine.

If you get terrified easily, it may be hard to follow up on the various news, tweets and releases that has ensued from the tiff between US and Iran. But, Trevor Noah takes all those fears away in his recap and way forward. Yeah, let’s make a joke of this issue, cos it has to remain a light joke – my Nigerian Army ain’t ready.

In a latest issue of The Daily Show, Trevor takes us through the issue at hand with the fight between two stubborn countries.

Trevor explains it as Iran trying to keep her pride, while not escalating the issue to a war. So, they gave the US troops bases a heads up, then launched several attacks that killed and injured no one. In fact, the Iranian foreign minister says they would let it go away of US does not attack again.

But, for real, how can you not just love Trevor Noah after watching this


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