Dubai had the most fascinating fireworks display to welcome the New Year

South Korea comes close, New Zealand comes close, but the fireworks at the Dubai Burj Khalifa is arguably the best to have ushered in the New Year. New Zealand is always the first country to get to the new year, and they welcomed it with a mesmerising display of fireworks. Beautiful.

Seoul in south Korea? It was awesome. But Dubai killed it all. Can you ever imagine that a fireworks display will actually give you a very soothing feeling as you watch? The bangs and explosions are there, but the seamless succession and the rythmic nature absolutely gets you caught in the moment of trans.

The Dubai fireworks is the most fascinating for the year 2020. Partly because it was staged at the world’s tallest building. Other than the Burn Khalifa, fireworks display took place in two other areas across the UAE, but this took headlines. The display lasted about 10 mins, and it was all that was needed. Spot on!

As captured by Global News, we see the whole height of the building lit up with beautiful simulative display, then a count down from 10 into the New Year, and boom!

This display was also helped by the choreographic display of the water fountain in the landscape of the Burj Khalifa. It was beautiful. Kudos to the UAE govt for giving the hundreds of thousands of people gathered, something Iconic to behold.


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