Avatar: Do we really need this sequel?

10 years ago, James Cameron dazzled the whole world with the premiere of Avatar. The fictitious world of Pandora was lit. In fact, just by writing a freelance article on the movie, I could feel the brilliance of the imaginative planet. But, do we really need a sequel?

James Cameron is assiduously working on a sequel, and at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020, he displayed some art talking of what they tend to achieve with a sequel. The sequel aims to take us beyond just the exploration of Pandora, and to exploring the world as a whole.

What all these will entail is yet to be ascertained, but we do have the arts. Beautiful, glassy, and pandorish, but do we need the sequel?


Filming was said to have ended in 2019, but it will only be hitting cinemas in December 2021. No offense, but I think the images are best for desktop backgrounds. I really do hope that by 2021, James blows our minds away. Can I hear an Amen?


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