21 cartoons that defined our childhood; add yours to make it 22!

I bet you have seen all

All hail the likes of Stan Lee, and the great studios that made our childhood one hell of fun. We owe so many memories to these creative guys that brought laughter and happiness to our very innocent self. To those of them that are dead, we render a minute silence. To those still alive, long live our MVPs.

Anyways, this list is not arranged in order of relevance or whatnot, we just have to make a list – in no particular order. And every cartoon that made it to this list was suggested by readers via social media. Hence, if a cartoon that defined your childhood is not on this list, drop a comment and it will be added asap. Without further ado, let’s get to the list.


  1. Tom and Jerry

I was at little cousins’ place over the weekend, and I saw them seeing Tom and Jerry, I smiled. If you didn’t see this cartoon, then you must have skipped being a kid. Jerry’s never-ending torment of Tom will really make you like mice over cats. And the occasional appearance of dogs and other animals? It made us love the idea of pethood the more.

This short movie series was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. This is 2020, and this cartoon series lives on, on cable. There is also a YouTube channel dedicated to videos on Tom and Jerry, as well as an Instagram page dedicated to its pictures.

2. Ben 10

Gwen!!!!!!! Kevin!!!!! oh! Ben Tennyson!!!!!!! Grandpa!!!! Shoot! This is another evergreen cartoon that always left me in glee. I so much love Granpa! Maybe cos I grew up with my grandpa. This series was fun, with ben slamming at the watch and morphing into the superhero the world needed. Awesome. Cool stuff to own an Omnitrix. You remember the knock-off Omnitrix watches that flooded the market then.

The cartoon was created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network. Fun fact; in my research, I saw that there were 10 writers who worked on the cartoon. Is that why they called it Ben 10? Think about it.

Anyways, if you would love to relive those moments again, Ben 10 is on Netflix. Catch some cruise today.

3. Bakugan

This might not be so back-in-the-days like the others, as it was first released in 2007 (I was in JSS 1 then, I think), but it actually is a cool one. And I don’t know about you, I found it really interesting. The Japanese-Canadian anime is one battle brawlers throwing their toys which morph into gigantic metal creatures that battled endlessly (did they ever battle to the death?).

4. Pinky and the Brain

It seems mice are always in the center of troubles, not just in the home, but anywhere they find themselves (apologies to the gentle rats). But here is a series focused on the life of a mouse and his sidekick with the sole goal of conquering the world. They failed and kept on trying, every night. Trouble, thrills, and laughter all through the process.

5. Sponge Bob Square Pants

Before you stone me for having this in number, remember I stated above that this is an arrangement in no order. This is purely how it falls in my Google Keep. Truth be told? I didn’t like this cartoon back then, and in fact, I still don’t till now. And surely that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Living in the coconut house, chilling underwater like its nothing,

This legendary still runs for kids to still enjoy, it is evergreen (in the class of Tom and Jerry)

6. Teletubbies

Yeah, this cartoon got nominated for this list too. The cute little bears dancing to very cute music that leaves us in glee. Especially all those round the chairs and in the garden? The rhythmic nature of the voiceover is just perfect, leading you straight up into that apartment of theirs.

7. Ratatouille

Oh my God! How I love this cartoon. It wasn’t just any cartoon then, in fact, I think I saw it when I was a bit grown up. The whole storyline seems fuzzy in my head right now, but without even looking up on Google, I remember it was something about a restaurant and quality of meals. Ok, let me look up Google now!

Yeah, where the rodent was the one helping the boy cook and the restaurant owner later caught on. There is a lot of adrenaline that will rise from the fast pace of most parts of this movie. God bless the maker – Brad Bird. How about we travel to France to have a taste of that French stew. The rodent was so perfect at making it that even the world most renowned food critic had to pass it later.

8. Scooby-Doo

Anyone who didn’t like this classical as a kid, you should be scared of such a person. Scooby-Doo, where are you?! God bless Charles Roven and Richard Suckle for this beautiful and legendary piece.  This is one cartoon you can keep watching without being bored. The crazy chases, the witty talks, everything that turns me on for a movie.

9. Secret Saturdays

This is not one of the 90s, but its debut in 2008 caught me in Jss2. Drew, Zak, Doc, magnificent trio. God bless Cartoon Network for making sure we were a part of this family’s quest to protect their family from the evil ones who want to take on their powers. This cartoon was certainly a success in Jay Stephens’ career. One thing that gets me every time with this cartoon is the sound, it doles out the feeling of urgency, and I’m so into thrillers (I write suspense)

10. The clone wars – Star Wars

Star wars are one franchise that has refused to go under the bus. In fact, to date, news of remakes and all raves on Mainstream sites like The Verge, Mashable, Digital trends. The Franchise will probably never die, and in the hands of the right makers, we will never be free from the science fiction world of aliens and humans. Endless wars to defend the galaxies. The coolest thing about this franchise for me is the Lightsaber. The best energy sword in all Galaxies.

11. Avatar

Avatar – The Last Airbender. Oh my! We wanted to have superpowers back then. We wanted to control the air and use it to transport ourselves to school. This cartoon is one of the early teachers that “once you betray people, it will forever be hard to regain their trust”

The comic world of four kingdoms and how they used to be in balance, till the selfish interest of the fire kingdom toppled the peace that reigned. Avatars were saddled to be the bridge between the four kingdoms. The ruler of the four. Power, Love, drama, betrayal, loyalty. Virtually all the important virtues to have, been taught in this movie, and if we pay attention, it should have influenced us. But no, we were kids who just wanted to laugh.

The best part of the 61 episodes? There were so many. But every fight that Azula was involved was always epis. That girl has strange energy. Damn!

12. Lion King

We had a remake of this in 2019, and it broke the box office, again. Simba. We wanted to be Simba back then. But, how cool was Mufasa! The coolest Lion ever liveth.  Scar (you need to see the smirk on my lips as I write his name) on the other hand was a jealous brother. We can’t blame him though, he was just being human – or lion-y.

13. Mulan

This is still coming to the Cinema as a remake, and I really can’t wait. March 27 is going to be epic, and Cinemas will be buzzing again. Another box office break by Disney on the way. The story of a young lady that decides to take the place of her father in a fight against the enemy is certainly one to catch every one’s fancy.

14. Samurai Jack

Oh! The white Ninja! How I love you! I loved this guy. The coolest character for me as a teen. I doubt if there is any of the 62 episodes that I didn’t see then. It started in 2001, and brought smiles to my face once my grandpa bought a DSTV decoded back then (not in 2001. I can’t remember when we bought our decoder – but I’m sure we bought it late, the old man didn’t want us to be distracted. He wanted me a Doctor, look at me now. Lol)

15. Powerpuff girls

My younger brother remembered this when I threw the question out, the boy likes girls (on a high level). The Powerpuff Girls were what every young girl wanted to be back then. But, it was too cheesy for my liking as a kid. But the three sisters fighting their enemies together is awe-spiring.

16. Skunk Fu

The smelly skunk. The animal that farts and you fall asleep. The terrible about this guy is that it’s its sole weapon and it knows how to get what he wants with that. Well, you got to do what you got to do when you are the only hope of the world.

17. Megas XLR

Yipeee! Remember the guy that found a Megas in his garage and brought it back to life. Yeah, the kick-ass movie, the fight of giant talking robots. It makes me remember Transformers right now. “Next time you abandon Megas, don’t leave him in my Garage”

18. Atomic Betty

Truth be told, I never saw this particular cartoon. You probably did and enjoy the Ben 10 like a female that slaps at her watch to turn into a superhero. Defeating the enemies of the world is a must, one we must all be involved in!

19. Biker Mice from Mars

This cartoon is older than I am, as it started airing by 1996. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo are bikers from mice, and with a good heart. They are ready to take on every evildoer that comes their way. You surely wanted to be as cool as them, but the only evil I see now in the real world is Bad Governance in my beloved country.

20. Thunder Cats

This cartoon started streaming from 1985 to 1988. And it is simply the story of catlike humanoid hailing from a planet called Thundera. The story of the Thundercats began with them forced to leave their home planet, as it meets its end. Then, the adventure began. I’d rate this cartoon 7/10.


21. Voltron

This team simply piloted a giant robot to fight the woes of the world. It started in 1988, and by 2011, it was made into its own game. The franchise is licensed by Dreamworks, and it was mainly an adaptation of several Japanese anime series.

Is there any cartoon that made your childhood that isn’t here? Drop a comment, let’s keep updating this list. Shall we?


  1. God save you say you no forget Voltron, Earth defenders.
    Secret Saturdays is still my all time favourite sha.
    Others are: Rescue Heroes and Dino Squad.


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