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Daily Archives: January 14, 2020

Marvel’s Black Widow: Trailer and Behind the scenes moments to get you pumped!

This post was updated to include content about TaskMaster.   This is fourth phase, and Marvel is roaring to go. Of the movies promised is Black...

@fosudo gives a first-hand look at Infinix S5 Pro (or S6?)

Infinix, one of the big phone makers in Africa is back with the Infinix S5 Pro (it may be S6, we're not sure). A...

Joker has the highest number of Oscar nominations with these categories – surprising nominations!

It's the Joker's world, and we are only living in it. Oscar nominations are here and the joker is leading the pack with 11...

The Secrets of Lulu: Episode 5; Epic comedy to help you relax and stay...

Have you been dozing off at work like me? (Late night sleeps), then you really do need an epic dose of comedy to keep...

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