Why did @abcnews have Justin Bieber on its list of 50 most popular women on the web (based on Google Search)

He really could pass for a female here though.

HeThere will always be lists, there will always be controversy about lists holding true or accurate. This is because lists are compilations of a person, who may be biased or not totally informed about information regarding the culled list.

However, should there be a controversy on gender? Should a man be included in the list of 50 most popular women? Let’s ask COED. The list was compiled by COED Magazine, and Abc news couldn’t help but point this out. Funny, right? In fact, COED stated that the list was made “following months of painstaking research”. (This is a disrespect to the word “research”)

In a list dated 2010 on the platform’s website, Justine Bieber comes in 7th place, as one of the most popular women on the web based on Google Search metrics. (Try searching for “50 most popular women”)

If only the name was included, it could have been ruled out as a mistake. But when a brief explanation is done on why his name is there (and he was referred to as a “he”), then it’s getting weird. What’s weirder is that the list was updated by editors at COED on Dec 2nd, 2016 (according to the page), and this remained unchanged.

Was this a mistake, or, there’s something going on here. Whatever it was, which I’m sure must not be serious, this is funny. Or is Justin a female?


Discovery credit to: @kinglamar___  (Twitter)


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