This 15-Minute short Film, “Scars”, by Dera Miriam adequately tackles the issue of verbal abuse

Verbal Abuse is a thing in our society, many people are affected by this, and has in many cases led to low self-esteem. This has resulted in many performing below their abilities. Do we need more of that in our society? NO. Nigeria is struggling, and we need everyone in their right mind to get things done.

In line with the vision of Accelerate TV’s Filmmaker Project, Miriam Dera’s short movie made the final cut of the top 5 finalists. The short movie depicts a young girl that suffered from verbal abuse from her own mother. The scars never left, it haunted her to the point of almost losing her job.

How did she fight it? how did she overcome it? In this 15 minutes movie, you get the perfect answer that is bound to inspire anyone who suffers from the same. #SayNoToVerbalAbuse.



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