@nvivotvofficial ‘s ‘Before Dawn’ is a Nollywood crime thriller series to watch out for | Trailer

What’s a crime movie without the thrill, suspense, and guesses? All these, are what stand characteristic of Nvivo Tv’s new series, ‘Before Dawn.’

Before dawn is a crime series set in Nigeria, and a total depiction of the horror that comes with being a kidnap victim in Nigeria (be kidnapped in any country other than Nigeria – a word is enough …). Nvivo TV, as a platform that doles out original series, TV shows and my favorite “Quickies” (I recommend that you see ‘Sleeved’), invested so much into this series to ensure that quality is not undermined.

Before Dawn is written, produced and directed by Jay Franklyn Jituboh, and it is an epic story of three ‘friends’ who thought they were just riding home from the club. However, the argument soon ends when the car is suddenly forced to a stop by a gang of dangerous-looking men.

That’s one of the scariest things that can happen to a person, it can be really terrifying. Couples fight, right? (though not expected “whenever we go out”). But would there still be a fight when you are both faced with something suddenly out of the dark? I guess not.

Just as expected of humans, you go through the five stages of emotions. In the face of such terror, all you can think of is “I’m going to die”, except you have that courageous one in the group to say “my friend shut up now, na man you be now”. Well, you may end up facing off with him, “which man”.

Sifting through these stages happens rather fast when your life is on the line. The three victims here have to find a way to survive. To do that, tears, fears and disagreement needed to be put aside. They can shout for “help” all they want, but without the strategy, cooperation and guts, they will never survive till morning.

What did they do to stay alive? Are they going to make it out of the hell-hole? That’s what we await on the 27th of December, 2019 on Nvivo TV app.

Nvivo TV is a Nollywood Original Streaming Service, where you get original shows and series. Social Media Slay, starring Uche Jumbo, UFit with Kate Henshaw, Alhaji Musa quickie, etc., are few of the various original series featured that will actually worth all the while.

Before Dawn drops on the 27th of Dec, and to be aired every friday. You can watch it via the app (registration is free, forget Netflix for now). Watch the trailer in the app too.


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