Merry Men 2 hits cinemas nationwide December 20th, 2019 – Have you seen this?

The Real Yoruba Demons

I doubt if there has ever been any Nollywood movie trailer that has given me the goosebumps like Merry Men 2 did. Amazing! That’s the right word (I almost wrote “write”).

Ayo Makun (AY comedian) did so well with Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons and the sequel are just what we expect of the sequel of box office breaking movie. The somewhat Robin Hood role played by the Merry Men gang is set to continue, but this time, things are getting more dangerous. Yes, you are literally going to hear “Abort! it’s a trap!”

Ramsey Noah, Jim Iyke, Falz the Bahd guy, Williams Uchemba, Alex Unusual, all bring to screen the very expertise that makes us love them.

Merry Men 2 is a blockbuster, and the impression left by the props as seen in the trailer is beyond words. I must give it to them. A combination of thrills and fun, as the Merry men look to move on. But, atrocities in the past is going to catch up with them, Ay’s Mama is back, and she thirsts for revenge.

Falz? Hacking continues, but he has bigger problems to solve for the gang.

The movie is set to Lagos and Abuja, amidst other travels not particularly depicted in the trailer. Merry Men; The Real Yoruba Demons hit just over 200 million naira in revenue. Merry Men 2 is set to trash records, it may even break Nigerian box office revenue record held by Wedding Party 2 (Won’t be easy though – 500 million naira record)

Watch this trailer and let me know if you can afford to miss the movie when it premieres on the 20th of December, 2019.



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