Gmail just helped birth a new lovely couple

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Talking about instantly, the lady in question here didn’t reply immediately, but when she did, it was a “yes” to the mail she got.

Trending on Twitter is Gmail, as information surfaced online about a guy, who met a girl, and “asked her out” via mail. Yeah, the world’s default mailing system is almost Gmail.

The guy picked his words carefully (deserving of a round of applause – from a writer’s perspective), and the girl got the picture.

She replied a week later, and gave a go ahead to the relationship. Boom! She found love in her Gmail.

Many ladies will be opined that they prefer being asked out in person. Well, if the digital media designed to make lives easier cannot be used for proposal, I wonder what can (an introvert’s perspective).

Anyways, say Hello to the latest couple – Halima and Tosin.


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